By using this module and placed in its facilities, and high speed can easily press news and information in appropriate formats created, edited and published.
This module is a grouping of modules available, meaning that each sample was created from the (modular) can be placed in one of the predetermined groups.
To access this module on its icon on the screen, click Management Center modules.

ماژول اخبار

If you reached this page in news management center.


As you can see in the picture on this page includes the following parts:

After the news module, click on the icon you will see the following page.
In this section you can create your own news. It is necessary on the icon "create news" at the top click here.

When you add a page on the site, you can fit the position's location on the page, one of three display modes, title, list, or select details.
In this page you can specify which items when placed in this module is displayed on the site for users.
Configuration module for News, click on its icon in the top news management center click.

See the filter section, just check the filter press. In this case, the box will be displayed to you about it.

For more modular by looking, you can filter the news created based on the following :

  • Filter based on a creation time
  • Filtered based on approval (approved, not approved, all)
  • Filtered based on status (active, inactive, all)
  • Filtered based on Group
  • Filtered based on constructor

You can perform the desired filter and click on the search button.
In this case, the modular case you will be shown in the table. Note that you can combine search criteria to filter.

You can use this part, your search phrase.
Just do this, the desired post and click on Search button. Note that the search among , Title, text, Alias name or code will do.
Note that you can combine search criteria to filter.

You by this section, you can determine how many news items in the table created is displayed.

In part, the center's management made ​​the news, you can see them on the search filter, and they do them as well as editing, approval or removal steps. You can also send comments you have any news about that users see..

In the above table, the possibility that it's created a modular sorting (sort) do exist, do this just click on the title bar chart:

  • Based on Title
  • Based on group
  • Based on the priority
  • Based on News code
  • based on a creation time
  • based on approval
  • based on status

In this section you can find news Modular built his edit.
To do this you must first select the desired modular and then press the edit key, in this case go to the edit page, which includes the following parts:

  • Registration Profile
  • New Profile
  • Resource Profile
  • Tags
  • Related News
  • Other components

For news about your comment is displayed on the site is needed to confirm it. To this should be your first choice of modular news, and then click on the Confirm button.

In this section, you can delete the desired modular. To do this, first select the desired modular, and then click on the delete key. It's intended to be completely removed.

You can navigate between the pages created by your side.

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