معرفی پارس پورتال

Pars Portal software is programmed for simple, complicated web design and also organizations and enterprises portals, that example of its advantages and features is based on modern technologies such as .Net 4.0 and SQL 2008.After long period of research and analysis the software has been developed through new software engineering and has been offered to the users after passing the final quality control.Alongside confident performance and quality, it is worth to mention its simple applicability, large number of the existed Modules and cost-effective. Users need no technical skill and applying software option and tools enable them to create any web site.

Pars Data has been spent too much cost and time to maintain quality of this product so that it is 100% competitive with similar foreign products.
Our Pars Portal is a result of 9 years experience of Pars Data in production of Content Management System (CMS) since 2003 and 5 years full time efforts of software team of firm (since 2007).
Pars Portal is not the revised version of previous product (Pars Design) of firm but its design and production structure is totally different. Production of this product including research, analysis, implementation, quality control and support are totally done at Pars Data software unit and with the country and it is 100% domestic production. The only foreign component is used in editor tool which is made by TELERIK firm.
Pars Portal contains standards such as W3C, SSO, flexibility based on user request and its development due to having the central and main core.
This product is registered by trademark Pars Portal and consists of from high council of Informatics and its certification has been done.
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