Making Desired Skin in Pars Portal

For making desired skin, You'll need to knowledge basic in the field of HTML and CSS.

In this help, we intend to explain the components of pars portal skin until by using it you can make your desired skin.

Pars portal skins are including from some files that make together the different components of your site. If you don’t need your skin can doesn't have a part of portal

According to created pages in pars portal has this ability until can consider different template for each page, you can attempt to make skin for building a different and unique of one page or all of the pages for your site.

All of the skin that has made for pages of your site, should be placed in this address: Themes/Client/Portal/Skin

Each skin is including of some file and folder that all of them should be placed in the folder with a specified number in the address that has told.

For example the skin number 1 will be placed in this address: Themes/Client/Portal/Skin/1

Several general skins are in this folder with purchased package through you. For best understanding to how skin works, you can start with edit the files of these skins.

With inter to skin folder, we will see several skin folder and file that we check them together:


As you see in the image this page is including the following parts:

Css files related to skin are kept in this file. All of the css files that been in this file with any name will be called in page through portal as automatically.

    Important points:
  • Some of these files have the same names but in the end of their name are the "_rtl" and ltr" that portal will be called only by one of them when the pages is loaded by determined language for page.
  • In this folder, is another folder with the name Dev that the css files related to pars portal module are on that folder. The name of this files are defined for portals and in case of changed the name, these files will not run.
  • All the files in Dev folder have to be with "_rtl" and "_ltr".

In this folder all of the images that have used in skin design and also images that have used in design of portal module.

Each skin of pars portal has one special identification that this folder is including of files and Images identification card of skin. By editing the files of this folder will more help to the user in order to choose/select and use from skin.


All of the files of Js related to skin or theme will be placed in this folder. These files will called in the site pages as automatically and you don’t need to write code in place.

Point: jquery library is called as default in the site and no need to write the code for add it and you can use easily form jqurery code in making the js file.

Each of these files is one block design that when making pages, can use from them for variety in the site. Each of tools and modules that have been used in making pages, can be placed within one block with special design and add to the page to have a more beautiful design. Each template can has n block design and there is no limitation for making the block design.

In code of the block design file, word place of {{TITLE}} will be the location of your block and word place of {{CONTENT}} will be location of your block.

Point: one of the block design file should be with the name block default until is known for the site, as the plan's default.

Can determine one default logo for design skin until if is not selected logo for site, part of site logo is not empty. This logo can be change through part of configuration of pars portal control panel.

Point: The file name and suffix is defined for the system and if use another name and suffixes , the file will not be recognized by the portal.

This file is most important member of any skin and it is determined, the location of all components.

Point: The only code inside the body tags of these files are read by the system and the code inside the head and etc … are invisible by system in any way.

What is the placeholder and how we can use it in pars portal?

Placeholder said to be the words or letters are defined in the system up to be the location of the content that will be decided later by the system administrator.

In pars portal system you can put characters between two opening and closing curly braces, making a Placeholder. For example: {{LOGO}}

There are no limitations on the "number" and "name" in pars portal for the Placeholders but some of the placeholders are defined for system and doing special work that if you change this name, are converted to normal placeholder.

For example if you use {{LOGO}} in skin.html file, the system will be called as automatically on the page the logo.png file in your skin folder (item No.6) as logo.

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